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Code Lyoko EG possibly becoming a game · 6:34am Jun 15th, 2016

You know what I want? RPG maker.

I want it, so I can create Code Lyoko EG the game, and make that a thing.

So you know what? I'm going to get it.

I'm speaking it into existence right now. Code Lyoko EG is going to become a game because I'm going to get RPG Maker for my PC and create it.

So... yeah. That's a thing now. Mind you, I need to buy RPG maker, and the one I sort of want costs about 75 dollars, but I'm going to make that happen.


Story Update: 8/8/2016 · 2:52pm Aug 8th, 2016

Okay, so I want to apologize to everyone for the lack of Code Lyoko EG updates. The truth is, I sort of wrote myself into a corner with an idea that I decided to go with. Before, it wasn't to hard because the main cast of heroes was manageable at just the Lyoko 6. Now though, I have:

Lyoko 6
Sunset Shimmer
Architects of Lyoko
Mysterious Phantom
and The Dazzlings

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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