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For anyone who doesn't follow PCaRG · 7:39am Jan 10th, 2015

For anyone who likes my review blogs, you might know that I regularly do in-depth reviews over on the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group. I started out as one of the Dark fic reviewers, started picking up basically anything as an Admin, and now am the primary clopfic reviewer because nobody else wants to do those. I still do all the other stuff, but since no one else will grab the clopfics, they fall

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I had some fun with this review. · 7:02am Feb 4th, 2015

From The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group

Booking for Velvet
By Mr Ghostman

Reviewed by Rinnaul

So, I see “incest” and anything involving the Sparkle family, and exactly one thing comes to mind.

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PCaRG Reviews: Clopfics, part three · 2:46am Sep 3rd, 2014

Know what I haven't done in a while? Shared my group reviews.

Of course, I haven't done many in a while, so I guess this is to be expected.

Not all clop this time, but still mostly that.

[Review] The Hammer to Rarity's Anvil {Clop} (Enjoyable) by Surry (Mature, Sex)

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Oh god I'm reviewing clop again · 1:46am Mar 13th, 2017

Now that PCaRG has been reorganized to have folders for individual admins that we can open as we see fit, I'm back to my stupid meme- and clop-filled reviews, and now, they're even reviews of clop!

I mean, not always, but the latest one is.

Equestria Girls, mind control, transformations, futa, tentacles, orgies, pony-on-human, human-on-griffon, and my new cellphone background.

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