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Looking for some Inspiration for a Party Domain Cleric. · 3:51pm Jul 27th, 2018

So I'm playing DnD with my brozu. And we're working on homebrewing a Party / Celebration Domain Cleric based on a more adult Pinkie Pie / Cheese Sandwhich (aka. Party Pony, but think fics where Pinks has access to and uses booze / more adult parties). And yes I do know there is a homebrew Celebration Domain, but it's way to OP and not entirely what I want.

So anyone have ideas on what'd make a good Cleric with Party Pony abilities / spells?

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Two possible Twilight builds, and one Sci-Twi, for Dungeons and Dragons · 11:35pm May 7th, 2020

Because I've had Dungeons and Dragons on the brain lately, and have actually been thinking about this. I have come up with two builds for MLP's Twilight Sparkle, and one for EqG's Sci-Twi. These are going to be set up as level one builds in order to use as PCs. I am also using only official material, and of that, what I actually know about. They are also not intended to be perfectly optimized for power gaming or such. Finally, I am not going to be putting the actual numbers in the Ability

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results