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The Changeling-canon expands! · 4:53pm Aug 20th, 2016

Time for my third Blogpost!

I just watched the livestream of the latest episode "The Times They Are a Changeling" (S6E16).
Like already suspected we got new information about Changelings; some fanon had been proved right, while some other had been disproved. I'll try to collect all new facts in the following list after the side-break.

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A few more Details about Changeling Canon [S7E17] · 1:07pm Sep 4th, 2017

A few more small pieces of Changeling Canon

In S7E17 "To Change a Changeling" Thorax used an flashback to explain Pharynx's behavior, revealing more canon information about Changelings.
(Note: I will limit this post to the "original" Changelings; the new reformed Changelings aka Changedlings won't be mentioned here.)

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[Spoilers for the S6 Finale] The Changeling-Canon expands! Again! · 11:56am Oct 23rd, 2016

Time for my fourth blogpost!
(If you are interested in things like that, have a look at The Changeling Research Group. I originally wrote this list for them.)

Updated Changeling-Facts after the Season 6 Finale

(S6E25 + S6E26; "To Where and Back Again" Part 1 + 2)

[Note: This is only the knowledge extracted from this two episodes]

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