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Chapter 20, part 6 out · 5:46am February 19th

Finished. Definitely took a while. Would have been out earlier today if I didn't have to rewrite the last scene or two of it due to forgetting to save and accidentally backing out of the chapter. No matter, the ending of the chapter is the same and I think the rewrite helped me flesh out Dash and her parents meeting better cause that ending point existed there, but was radically different in tone.

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LC chapter 2 released · 8:39pm June 13th

Took slightly longer than anticipated since I wanted to finish it yesterday but since the site was down, I couldn't.

But its done now. Went to a weird place. But the ending point is the same- they are off the ship and into the wilderness.

How nice.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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