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why(place representation of pure im going to kill you rage here) the (by some Apple's) hell im glad that this site has a rating sestem and why im writing this blog and fu**ing particularly the later!!!! · 3:30am Feb 11th, 2017

What the cardinal f***ing light the world on fire and watch it burn as you sit at you throne nuking innocence's across the multiverse would some one write this shit and its not even a shit fic it a clop fic from hell i'm not even a clop writer and I know this is max out and the most innocent and loved of all mlp characters I sware if I find one more fic that goes past my line the cmc innocence's line that doesn't give triggers or is anything/way,shape,stile or form similar to this story by

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random · 8:16pm Nov 6th, 2017

so I'm reading this story right its mark under e and romance then comes the sex wait what the f*** so I re-read nop another post-approved e rated fic with under aged sex?!!!!!!!!! I've calmed down but id like to get feed back I flagged it but any of you care to share any similar cases in refinance to buck off Feb. 10th 2017 blog post and why sharkinfestedwaters should be banned for abuse

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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