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A good break I hadn't known i'd needed. (and something all should aim to watch) · 10:18am Sep 5th, 2016

I live in the states, so well, sadly, even with places like crunchyroll, and a few others, its often easy to miss a movie, or series that gets not as much hype. Now, interestingly, i had no idea this was a game first, if looking was right. Sadly, it's not made it to states that well. But it was a movie I was amazingly interested in. Released last year, it never really bridged the gap, until I managed to stumble across it by pure accident. An hour and forty minutes later. I had cried, laughed,

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ATOTS Book 1, Updated, Moving Forward, and Other Important Announcements · 3:45pm Jun 19th, 2019

Hi everyone. I updated A Tale of Two Suns, which you may notice is now "Book 1". It didn't show up on the front page like I thought it would. I guess that's because I simply re-published chapter 15.

But, yes, I turned the thing into "Book 1". It was the best solution I could think of. Now, if you look at the story, you will notice some changes beyond chapter 15. These are:

1. The final scene of chapter 11 has been removed and replaced with a new one.

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Bad Book Review 01 (Not much of a Chapter 01) · 7:41pm Jul 14th, 2019

Today's the day. Today I start my book review for you. Last time, I gave a teaser about it, but didn't really tell you what it was about. Well, now you can find out.

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F/F/T3K19 3/21: You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? · 7:50pm Mar 21st, 2020

Last week's shit is all scraped up. Enjoy.

This anything-goes slot is now being occupied by a multi-part, so enjoy the start of Zelda-flavored My Immortal, basically.


Friendship is Manipulation, Book 2 Hype · 12:12am May 28th

The hype is all me and just me, nothing actually big. But boy, am I friggin' excited for Book 2. Chapter 22 and onwards begins the light touch on certain bits of lore, relations, dynamics and themes of Book 2 as we transition into the next major "arc", if you will. I count Book 1 as three arcs total. Can you guess their starting points? (Don't open the spoiler if you don't want to know their names at all until Book 1 is finished)

Arc 1): Indoctrination, Chapters 1-6

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F/F/T3K19 3/10: Let's-a go! · 1:37pm Mar 11th, 2020

Last week's mess is mercifully destroyed. I'll let you sort out how something can be destroyed with mercy.

This time around we're celebrating MAR 10with a double-shot of ill-advised Super Mario crossovers. Lovely.

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