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New Feather Steel... Bonus Chapter! · 1:49am Dec 21st, 2015

It can be found right here: Montepluma 3

Enjoy! :ajsmug:

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Minor tweaks, explanation of punishment, and update about the bonus chapter · 8:08pm Oct 22nd, 2019

Let's start from the end – the bonus chapter for 'Friendship Is Magic! ... Unless You Are a Human' is in the works. If everything goes well, it should be done within a week or two. It will be an independent one-shot comedy, showing how the moron trio got captured, digging their own graves in the process. That's all I'll say for now :raritywink:

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Any story of mine you wish to see be expanded upon? · 9:44pm February 7th

As in a sequel, or a bonus chapter from an older story of mine.

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have a bonus chapter. · 8:11pm Mar 19th, 2017

Everyone seemed to love the rewrite of "Thief" by The Story Writer, so I went ahead and created a bonus chapter building on top of ideas introduced in the rewrite.

Also, watch out for Spike's rainbow barf-tsunami. :trollestia:


Second Visits to Discord's Transformation Booth · 7:21pm Apr 24th, 2017

Originally, the chapter where Rarity became a dragon was going to be a non-canon post. Something to show what might have happened if Diamond Dog hadn't suddenly pulled ahead.

I got an idea, though, on how to make it canon. I just rewrote a few sections of it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this bonus chapter. Please remember to vote in the Rainbow Dash poll.


Unleash the Magic - bonus chapter #1 upcoming! · 2:30pm Jan 11th, 2017

Started it on a whim last Sunday and going to try to release it this weekend. It's the first of a series of bonus chapters describing what happened during UtM through the eyes of other Mane 6 members, written by them as addendum to Sunset's text. And first at bat... is Applejack! Be afraid, folks... :ajsmug:


Chapter 12 out · 4:19am Jun 1st, 2018

No that isn't a joke. You are as surprised as me. Blame insomnia. Weirdly this chapter had a lot more jokes in it than I originally expected.

It's 10,000ish words. Don't ask me how that happened.

And no I didn't just have the Mane 6 go in and fix the problem immediately. That'd be ridiculous even in 10,000 words. But I do have major references to the MLP movie which I've wanted to really add in for a while. And well let's say anti-magic isn't a well known thing in Equestria.

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Story Cancellation · 3:16pm Nov 2nd, 2016

I'm cancelling The New Salamander. Why? I haven't updated in a long time and I'm not going to. I've procrastinated too much, I've lost the drive, and I'm a bit too busy to write at the moment. But, I am going to release bonus chapters of the rest of the story which mainly consist of finished and unfinished crossovers. The first bonus chapter, however, will be the unfinished chapter for the next part of the story. I even out author's notes in at the top to give a bit of insight into what was

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Bassdrops and Bowstrings and my Crazy Self-Promotion · 6:39pm Aug 2nd, 2018

It's finally happening!

A little context; I've been on a two-year hiatus for... well, two years. Before vanishing, I hinted at the probability of Bonus Chapters for everyone's favorite couple of musical mares. What didn't happen was the release of said chapters, since I had to go away for a time to escape the issues of my damn life.

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New Bonus Chapter Posted. · 4:16am Aug 11th, 2015


Sunlight sliders, Bonus Chapter (Chapter 21.5) · 6:44am Apr 10th, 2017

Aeon cracked open the door to Stella Nova’s office before stepping in. Half the lights had been shut off, drenching the area around Stella’s desk in darkness. She attempted to squint, spotting a figure seated on Stella’s silver disk, its’ edges illuminated only from the light of the stars behind it. However, Aeon didn’t need to see anything other than the outline to know who it was. From the clasped hands to the tired lean over the table, the posture was a dead giveaway.

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Progress Report · 4:30pm Jul 20th, 2015

I thought it might be a good idea to show how much progress on the new chapters to all my stories I'm writing are going so far since I haven't updated much. If you think this is something I should do more often, let me know. Here's what I got going so far:

The Model's Secretary (40) - ~60%
TMS Bonus Chapter Series (A) - 100%, still needs proofreading/editing
(B) - 10%
Dear Miss Cheerilee (5) - 0%
[Yet to be published] Unleash the Magic (Prologue) - 100%
(1) - 100%

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