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Well...This is Awkward · 10:52pm Aug 25th, 2018

Hello all...

Is, uh, anyone even out there still? Part of this blog post is to see if anyone is still following me and awaiting more updates to my stories.

But, it's also to provide an explanation as to where the heck I've been the past...well, year or so.

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I've officially started working on Return of the 7th Element again · 10:35pm Sep 24th, 2018

That title card speaks for itself, doesn't it?

That's right. I've begun outlining the next chapter of Return of the 7th Element, and will begin writing it shortly.

I'll see if I can track down my old editor buddy Zimprus Nalune when the time comes for chapter publishing, and hopefully some art will be around the corner as well.

Big news, you guys. Never thought it'd be happening, huh?

A couple notes though:

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Okay, so I reread all three 7th Element stories... · 6:57pm Sep 1st, 2018

...and I gotta say, I cringed quite a bit.

BUT I am up to speed and since an overwhelming number of you have requested it continue, I have decided to give it a shot.

I have a couple ideas of where it will go, but bear with me. It may take a bit to compile it all together into a tangible story that doesn't make me wanna cringe.

Those were simpler times...

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Return's new chapter is live! · 4:45am Jan 11th, 2019

The title says it all friends!

A special thanks to Robsa990 for being editor-man this time around! He is literally the best and I owe him so much! He's even gonna be producing a fresh coat of paint for the cover art here soon! He's the man!

Also, I wrote this in the author's note, but it'll be a hot minute before the next chapter...last semester of uni n' all that jazz. School comes first, doncha know!

Anyway, enjoy you guys! Let me know how I'm doing!


The next chapter is coming soon · 4:16pm Oct 23rd, 2018

Yo guys. So never fear! The next exciting chapter of The Return of the 7th Element is all outlined and partially written, and should hit the site soon. is a thing for me. As I am in my senior year of college, and as I am a history major, that means a lot of research for a senior thesis paper in a couple months. As such, most of my time has been dedicated to catching up on research.

Also, having a wife and house payments requires me to go to work as well, so...there you go.

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