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R.I.P Stephen Hawking, science had suffered a great loss.... · 5:57pm Mar 14th, 2018

Hello everypony, I have some bad news. Last night at the age of 76, great scientist Stephen Hawking passed away:raritycry::ajsleepy:

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Dragon's heart is magic · 2:42pm Jan 18th, 2022

"How can a dragon's heart be magic?" you ask.

With a new day, a new chapter is published that addresses exactly that.

EBad Dragon's Short Stories
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And now you know why I'm hearthless.


Stellar Science and a New Story · 6:11pm Oct 30th, 2020

If there weren’t already enough reasons this year to write a story about apocalyptic visions of a world consumed by darkness, the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez gave me the excuse to write something about black holes. It took me a few weeks to finish it, but I am pleased to have got it done ready for Nightmare Night.

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Gravitational Waves and Lasers and Stuff · 6:01pm Feb 20th, 2016

About that big discovery last week.

This is one which we have been expecting for some time. I first read about the LIGO experiment some twenty years ago when it had just started construction and I was a young student dreaming about doing a summer placement in California—which turned out to be just a dream, but it was fun perusing the lists of student projects on offer at Caltech.

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