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I finally tried it. I just don't understand it. · 12:23pm Mar 3rd, 2019

After finally trying Apex Legends, I can say that I don't understand the allure of battle royale.

More than that, I'm rather annoyed, frustrated, and angry that it's so popular, that people somehow consider this a fun experience.

Some games you land alone, where you scrounge for supplies for eight minutes, until you bump into an enemy squad and get slaughtered in 15 seconds.

Another game you land with an enemy squad and survive for a total of 30 seconds.

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Battle Royale Games · 6:46am Jun 17th, 2020

What are your thoughts on Battle Royale games? They tend to be shooters where you die and you can't respawn on a massive map, that slowly closes in with a death force field.

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Pokemon Rumble music · 2:31pm Aug 7th, 2021

Hello again,

It took me a while to complete amidst work and a short vacation, but I made another Rarity Rocks Out video

Please find me on Youtube to like, comment and subscribe there for more videos like it!


mlp civ 5 battle royale part 1 · 8:52pm Sep 27th, 2019

playing a royale with pony and various modded civs at turn 30 …..or year 30 as I like to call it so far twilight sparkle has built the great library of Alexandria cause book horse gonna book peter griffin has built the sword alter from fire emblem and im curious if the saddle arabs forming the brotherhood of nod religion is a bad thing or not

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results