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Springtrapped: Alternate Ending/Bad Ending · 5:09pm Feb 6th, 2016

hello all!

I'm just here to ask, would all the fans of my fic 'Springtrapped' be ok with their being an alternate ending where David killed Starlight and then defeated Starspring but wasn't freed from the suit and went into hiding, leaving his friends and family to be depressed?


Not Our Sunset's Ending · 4:03pm Sep 18th, 2019

I feel like I owe this to everyone, so here we go. When I started Not Our Sunset, I already had a pretty bad reputation of stories, and even avoided most of my usual writing styles. I did it cause I can't stand too much judgement. I know I sound weak, but if you look at my account you might notice things are missing. I've taken down a bunch of stories because I didn't like the way they ended and I didn't like the criticism. So when I started not Our Sunset, it took me like a week before I could

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Surprise! · 10:51pm Oct 4th, 2019

Today during a rather stressful shift at work, I thought up a premise that I had never done before, and got home and wrote it out.

From conception to posting, in less than eight hours.

As this has nothing to do with what I've been doing for three weeks, I decided to post it tonight.

Enjoy, this is a first for me.


an alternate version of KYRA II in the works · 5:26am Feb 18th, 2022

Kyra drawn by: CrimsonRose97
A "Bad End" alternate to Kyra II where the demonic pony remains unaffected by the Elements and proceeds to kill absolutely everyone. With more death and rape than Kyra II, this alternate take on the sequel will please any GrimDark fan.


Kyra II: Death To All | I Brightened The Cover · 3:03pm Mar 26th, 2022

Since it was hard to see her on mobile devices and maybe on some computers I brightened up the image while still keeping the red color theme. I also added the image credits. It was actually art for the card game I was working on drawn by CrimsonRose97. The game's on mega-hold so I figured I'd use it.


Role Plays, anyone? · 11:59pm Jan 27th, 2016

I may not look the part, but when I role play, I can REALLY get into it, depending on what said role play is :) More often than not, I have been thinking about Alternate Endings to many little scenes in many, many different fics, Fallout Equestria falls under this as well and it has already caught my interests and teased my desires.

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To Change a Changeling · 3:33am Sep 3rd, 2017

I didn' like the new MLP episode it also showed Starlight is a freaking moron, honestly Trixie should have told her why luring an evil unbeatable monster to a village of weak cowardly pacifists was a bad idea.

Also Pharanyx changing his form at the end kind of detracted from the episode severely.


Splat · 3:05pm Dec 7th, 2016

We are sorry to report
Today at this AM hour
Such unfortunate news.
But it's our job, so thusly we announce
Earlier this morning,
An Equestrian died on Earth.

Her name was Whistle Whisp
And she was quite the trailblazer,
But also quite the alcoholic.
Some time last night she drank
And then she tried to fly,
Forgetting that in our world,
There's no magic in the air.



Well, I did it. · 6:58am Aug 2nd, 2016

Hahahahahahakill me.

The Spike story I promised everyone is done. And I tried. I kinda tried. A little. He has real feelings as a character. He's a sympathetic role. He has wants, needs, a driving force, and an emotional arch where he learns a lesson in the end which will change his life.

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I Think I Just Had The Darkest Story Idea I've Had Yet. (Sunset Shimmer is a sick monster) · 10:33am Jul 21st, 2015

Warning: Grimdark scenario detailed below. I may need a hug.

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