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Quarantine · 6:15pm Oct 15th, 2017

Angelo wakes up. His miserly twin sister Angela knows just how to ruin his day. She tells him to meet her at Montclair Plaza.

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Quarantine: Aftermath. · 4:32am Feb 2nd, 2018

Friday. Another day of work, and another weekend with that...

Into the house Angelo comes, and onto the sofa he plops.

"Hi, Angel!" And there it is. That grating, high pitched voice. *whoosh.* Onto the sofa plops a small horse like thing, always sociable to a fault. Not anything like his good old sister Angela. Not the way he recalls her anyway.

*knock, knock.*

After a minute or two, they both turn their heads toward the door and bolt to it.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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