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I've started writing for "Flurry Heart's Story"! Pilot: Elements Assemble! · 2:23am Mar 27th, 2020

That's right, I've finally started writing some material for the "Flurry Heart's Story" fanfic series I mentioned in an earlier blog post! The first story is going to be called "Elements Assemble". It will act as a sort of 2-parter pilot to the series and will introduce us to Flurry as she starts off one summer visiting Ponyville and finds herself thrown into all sorts of adventures, many of which have to do with the "Trio" (Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis) and stopping (and possibly

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Upcoming FHS story titles and synopses · 12:56am Jun 29th, 2020

I mentioned this earlier on DA, but here is a list of upcoming fanfics for Flurry Heart's Story including a short synopses.

WARNING: May include some spoilers.

  • Elements Assemble (complete) - Tired of her life as a princess, Flurry Heart is sent to Ponyville to start an adventure like her aunt Twilight. She soon finds herself thrown into danger as a horrible beast plagues Ponyville, looking for the Tree of Harmony.

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Time for another Q and A! (April 2023) · 10:15pm April 9th

I wanted to wait till "Oh, Mother, Where Art Thou?" was done to do this, so now it's time for another Q&A for Flurry Heart's Story!

Just like last time, send questions in the comments below for this post or on my profile. They must be subjective to my fanfic series Flurry Heart's Story, or any other of my fanfics that cross over with them like My Little Sister is a Dragon or Age of the Alicorns: Chaos Rising.

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