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Free Commissions! · 3:52am Sep 21st, 2019

Guys, I really need help. I’m about to lose EVERYTHING.
I’m willing to do free commissions in exchange for donations to my gofundme to try to raise money so I can pay my electric, phone, internet, car insurance and get a moving truck and storage unit.
I have barely a week to get all of this and I HAVE to be out by the 5th of October.

My go fund me is:

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call to wright · 6:23am May 31st, 2016

okay here's a concept for a story. sunset shimmer, because of no bathrooms in equestria was never potty trained. when she arrives at canterlot high she finds out that humans are potty trained after age 3, so since she needs to learn she asks principal celestia to help her and they train at cele's house. could anyone who can write good make this story a thing? if you can I only ask for credit(obviously) probably should be considered clop.

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A Couple of Updates for 2018! · 3:50am Jan 27th, 2018

So, it's obviously been a loooooong time since I've done an update on my FIMFiction account, but I feel like I have enough stuff to warrant an update blog.

The first thing I wanted to address is that I do have a number of new stories I'm working on which I'll describe in bullet-point below!

Holding Onto You (T)

I am still working on "Holding Onto You" and there will be an update coming 2-2-2018.

Foal Fashion (M)

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Made alterations to "Oasis Matrix" · 2:21am July 2nd

I went back,

• Switched the position of the first and third chapter.

• Changed Sho's role in the fic, so he is no longer an age player.

• Reintroduced the idea that the procedure to save mankind, involves removing the brain, and placing it in a preservation gel, which stimulates the brain, while producing power

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results