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Why do We/You/I write? · 8:31am Feb 22nd, 2020

I often tought about this, though mostly I'd say it's me trying to justify to myself why I have been writing Crossing the Trixie Bridge. Even why I've encouraged a few others, and even helped them get started or co-wrote with their stories. Though, it seems all of them have gone on hiatus or put their stories on the shelf and may not pick them up again.

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Return of Weirduary · 12:00am Mar 3rd, 2018

it is the end of Weirduary, for real this time.
And I am at a convention, so I am spent, exhausted, drained.

But I am probably uploading something pony next week. yay.

See you all then, have another great week aftet this Filthy Friday~.

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results