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The Plan · 4:11pm Mar 21st, 2018

I swear, I had like a chapter in my head; and all I got written was one line, an updated description for one character, and two things of dialogue.

Ah, well. It was for an alt-universe story I can’t seem to kickstart the conflict to, anyway.


Happy New Year and considerations · 3:58pm Jan 3rd, 2017

First off, a belated Happy New Year to you all!

Secondly, the results of my hiatus (or perhaps, my hiatus thus far...)

Now, I don't want to just give up on a story that I started writing. It's something I wound up doing back when I was writing Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction with my friends and we wound up abandoning a whole bunch of fun ideas we had and leaving the readers on a massive cliff-hanger.

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AWNR chapter 18 · 6:29pm Oct 4th, 2015

Well guys, after a few days and reading the comments I realized that AWNR hasn't gone like I had hoped. That ending was way too dark than I previously intended and I never anticipated it to build up to this point. Currently I'm literally frustrated to the point of tears and I just want to give up on this story and count it as a massive failure, because from how it started to what it is now is a complete 180 of what I truly wanted. However there is a plan in motion in an attempt to rectify this,

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results