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Co-Writer Needed!!! · 1:13pm Sep 27th, 2020

I need a co-writer to continue Wordless Love! No experience needed! You only need to know what the mc sees as you would be in control of the main character! Please dm me! We can also start a new fic if you’d like!!!


Searching for writers · 2:44pm Dec 27th, 2020

I am arkunus group leader of fall of equestria: continuation. We're working on creating more stories strictly focused on the canon storyline. None of those fan make stories that deviate from the guidelines. Currently we're in need of writers to help us out create stories and come up ideas. If you are interested a few requirements are needed: must be able to write at a decent professional level. Able to describe in great detail with lack of grammar error. Dedicated to finish the story. Must be

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Return of Weirduary · 12:00am Mar 3rd, 2018

it is the end of Weirduary, for real this time.
And I am at a convention, so I am spent, exhausted, drained.

But I am probably uploading something pony next week. yay.

See you all then, have another great week aftet this Filthy Friday~.

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results