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On the Finale · 4:20pm Oct 13th, 2019

Now that I’ve had a night’s sleep to *ahem* compose myself, it’s time I shared my thoughts on the series finale. Because it was nothing less than beautiful. We’ve shared in their joy, watched them push past their sorrows, and now these little ponies we’ve known and loved have come full circle, passing the torch of friendship to the next generation. But, like Twilight’s memory book, we’ll always be able to look back on the show with great fondness, and relive it all again.

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Prerogative Chapter 10: Invincible is Live! · 6:03pm Dec 4th, 2017

Fair warning: I cried a ton during this chapter.

EHow Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative
After going to Coloratura's concert, Sunset gets both good news and bad news. Somepony stole her identity and is running around with her face. That's the good news.
Novel-Idea · 67k words  ·  262  5 · 2.6k views

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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