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Bringing The Background Back! · 3:17pm May 5th, 2018

After adding a new (and now completed) chapter to The Life Of Daisy, somepony in the comments ask who White Lightning is! In this story, as said in the overview, I wanted to show the life of background ponies, excluding 'The Background Mane Six'. The first few ponies I included were well known, including Daisy, Lily, Rose, and Carrot Top (or Golden Harvest). The fact that somepony didn't know of White Lightning is saddening, and I wish to clear up who she is.

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TIL, thanks to the new character tags... · 8:24pm Jan 11th, 2017

...of the existence of White Lightning. Or, at least, that that particular pegasus is named thus.

Welp. I guess now I know who the moonshiner is in Ponyville, huh? And it's not the Apple monopoly I expected.

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Signal Boost: Pegasus Pizza · 1:02am January 29th

In case y’all haven’t noticed the Feature Box today, right uptop there’s another not-a-contest story, called Pegasus Pizza. Ponies love pizza; that’s an actual fact.*


EPegasus Pizza
Delivered in thirty minutes or less, directly to your GPS location!
SockPuppet · 2k words  ·  446  10 · 2.7k views

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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