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So What's Next? · 7:27pm February 4th

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

Not too long ago, I have just finished writing "Discord Teaches Philosophy: On Love." I confess I didn't imagine that it would take me about six months to complete it, but I'm happy that I was able to pull it off. So by now, I assume some of you are wondering what I'm planning on doing next.

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Acheivement unlocked! Graduation Day · 2:45pm Jul 21st, 2016

Well, I finished those classes now. I've finished up my college classes for now and now walking out with an AA degree. It's nonspecific, but it's a great start. I can finally say I'm a college graduate now, instead of a college dropout.

So, I'm very happy. At the very least, it'll help with my job search. In the meantime, I'll be finding other means to make some money. So, good for that.

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Come on me, make more chapters! · 3:57am Jun 17th, 2016

I finished last week's chapter (even though I should have done it last week but... it was longer than I anticipated), and I only have what... three... four... no wait *starts checking chart of chapters for this story* three or four chapters left.

And the issue is that I'm starting forget what I had originally planned to have wrote on them. And with only a few weeks until end of this month, and with exams... I don't have much time left... well buck me.

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Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fryer · 9:59pm Sep 10th, 2019

My goodness guys, I cannot stop wondering when the financial worries will end.

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For Anyone Worried About Pony Life · 11:01pm Jan 1st, 2020

Let me just get this out of the way first.
It's not going to be like Teen Titans Go!
Hasbro is a toy company that specialises in all-ages family-friendly entertainment.
To the point where it got worried about certain people (Cough-Whohavenolives-Cough) complaining that Derpy was offensive...

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The Times Of The Final Postings for Twilily Saga: Past, Present, Or Damnation · 5:32pm Sep 6th, 2017

Hello everypony, I'm here to update you on what I have planned for this month and the final chapters of Twilily Saga: Past, Present Or Damnation. The next few weeks will be full to the brim with chapter post. I won't be posting them all in the same week, I will be giving some breathing room.

Down below is the listing for the chapters. Plus at the bottom will be special news about the next part of the saga. Twilily Saga: Journey To Heartwarming gets its own updates at the bottom.

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