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I'm gonna be part of the Pony ASMR Project! Also, other things. · 12:32am May 20th, 2022

The Pony ASMR Project put out a call for writers to apply a little while ago.

Guess who applied?
And guess who got a callback?
And guess who passed the audition piece they asked me to write?
And guess who got hired?


Not gonna lie, it feels pretty darn good to get picked for a job.
And it's writing! Sure, it's just to write one script, for now, but it's kinda nice to have a writing project again, and I'm having fun with it.

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Original Fiction · 3:39pm Sep 4th, 2019

So after the Rules series I'm not sure I'm going to do another big long project like this. As I mentioned in my ending screed on the last chapter of Featherfall, I've been working on some original fiction for a while now and I'm probably going to put my effort largely on that. I think writing-wise on this site I'll probably put up the occasionally short set in the Rulesverse, something cute and fluffy with one of the couples maybe, and the occasional bit in the Featherfallverse with the further

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Team/Crew Spectrum Regarding: What Comes Next? · 2:35am Apr 11th, 2021

TheIdiot: Hello, everyone! TheIdiot here once more to give an update on matters. And there’s so much to go over, it isn’t just me this time.

To start, there’s Doctor Fluffy – say hi, Doc.

Doctor Fluffy: (Doc says something)

TheIdiot: Well, that was something. As for why here’s here, I’ll let him break the news since it’s his business to do so. Whenever you’re ready, Doc.

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