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Plot Bunny Theater: Villains of a Different Tribe · 9:36pm Dec 10th, 2019

We've had villainous alicorns and unicorns, but no actual Pegasi or Earth Pony villains. Not on the level of Nightmare Moon or Sombra. Sure there was Cozy Glow but still!

Now granted, the unicorn is the mage class and thus more prone to tapping into primeval forces of doom or corruption, but damnit! There should be some evil Pegasi and Earth Ponies! So let's think up some villains!

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Villain idea · 5:46pm Mar 8th, 2021

So you know how blueblood is usually depicted two ways.

the first where he’s a total asshole/bitch and is sometimes a extremely obvious villain that anyone can look at and see that he’s the bad guy.

and the other is where he’s actually a really nice guy and only acts like a ass in public to keep up appearances or stop gold diggers and is usually one of the supporting cast helping the main characters every once in a while.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results