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Tiny status update. · 6:44am Mar 17th, 2020

To get it out of the way first; yes I'm still writing the next chapter of my Serpent story, and also being still healthy, while planning on some other stuff too.
Which brings me to the reason for feeling to write this blog; I just got a little vacation-break-time from work (which is a retirement home= lots of old people present), due to the you-know-what-virus protection procedures, till the 13th of next month. Just got fresh off the phone about it too.

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Working on chapter 2 · 5:47am Aug 3rd, 2015

Chapter 2 of A Journey into Alchemy is in the works. I just wanted to let everyone know, since I do have a track record of dying and not respawning soon at all. When I say I'll do a chapter every week, the day of release will probably be different. It's less of a 7 day cycle thing, and more of a sometime between Sunday and Saturday each week. So, it may be a couple days, but I do plan to get it done! The first chapter is a little slow, but the interesting stuff is going to start

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A quick word... · 3:21am Jul 4th, 2017

Evening folks, how are ya all?

I realize I've been pretty quiet on this site lately. Most of my blogs have been update blogs, and they've really been minor ones at that. I've published a few chapters of Cyclosa, but that's one of my lesser viewed stories so I imagine the least likely to perturb anyone. And yet its the one i'm prioritizing cause I'm apparently dumb.

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