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Read It Later Reviews #43 – My Flight, The Kidnapping of Twilight Velvet, Check Yourself Before You Tirek Yourself, Twilight Tries Not to Think, A Spoiled Diamond · 12:39am Mar 23rd, 2016

Today’s set of reviews is courtesy of Scribblefest and (in one case) the Royal Guard. I haven’t written reviews for every story I’ve read for Scribblefest, but I ended up writing reviews for several of them; note that if you are a Scribblefest competitor, my word on your story is not the final word. We’re presently doing the prelim-round judging, wherein three judges read each entry and nominate them for a category, and I am but one of nine judges involved.

Anyway, onto the reviews!

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Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 results