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A New Yu-Gi-Oh! Group Has Been Summoned to the Field · 8:19am Aug 14th, 2017

Hey, guys.
Raptormon132 here. Just wanted to give the brief news that I've started a new Yu-Gi-Oh! based group. The group is called "Hero and Raptor's Yugioh Decks" Anyone who's into Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Trading Card Game are welcome to join.

Link to the group:


Speculation and Worldbuilding: a Pony Trading Card Game · 10:45pm Jul 3rd, 2016

In a previous musing post, I covered the idea of pony playing cards. In another, I discussed magic pony sports. Both of these are the sort of things influenced by tradition and simplicity. Today, I'd like to discuss a type of game that is the opposite: something that is explicitly constructed and designed. That's right, today we're discussing the cultural fixture that is the Trading Card Game.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results