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The Story Of Rainbow Update Today Is Going To Be...Insanely humorous(to me anyway)! · 6:44pm Jul 3rd, 2018

Yep! You hear me right! The Story Of Rainbow is going to start off with some silliness! I'm already at two thousand words, so the story is definitely going to be updated today! Be watching your feeds at eight!


New Schedule For My Fanified Works · 1:05am Mar 17th, 2018

Queen Scootaloo: Monday 8:00PM EST
The Story of Rainbow: Tuesday 8:00PM EST
The Lost One: Wednesday 8:00PM EST
Mystery Scootaloo: Thursday 8:00PM EST
Twilight Daylight: Friday 8:00PM EST
The Scoota Finale: Saturday 9:00AM EST


Alright guys I want your opinion · 5:22am Jun 10th, 2016

So I have three story ideas and can't decide witch one to do. So I want the readers to vote. Here are the three. Just put the number in the comment, also you can vote for more than one. Just put the numbers in the order of what you want to read first.
1. Applejack recently learned that earth ponies where a dying race. It didn't bother her, but that all changed when she was visited by nature itself. Now she has been given the tools to save her race. Lots of clop by the way.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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