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The Hat Man Reviews: Scribblefest 2017! Starlight & Diamond Tiara stories · 1:41am Mar 15th, 2017

Today I'll be reviewing two Scribblefest entries with very similar premises: Starlight Glimmer mentoring Diamond Tiara!

Image by ShadamyFan4everS/neezuneko

So, how similar or different can two such stories be? Let's examine them both, shall we?

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"Well, Sunset, show's over. It seems we've been outdone." · 10:51pm Apr 3rd, 2022

"What do you mean, Fluttershy?" she asked, brow furrowed in confusion.

"You know how we sometimes do those gaming streams?" Fluttershy began, tapping on her phone.

"Uh-huh," Sunset said, tilting her head sideways. "We haven't done one in a while, what with how hectic everything's been, but yeah, those are fun."

"Well, I, um, don't think we can compete anymore." At this, Fluttershy showed Sunset her screen. On it was a EweTube channel page for a creator named...

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results