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Did You Guys Know...? · 10:39pm Jan 1st, 2018

In Disney’s The Lion Guard, a tv show midquel to The Lion King 2, the writers of the show found a way to bring the main antagonist of Lion King 1, Scar, back to the screen despite the fact that he died. How they did it was by having a group of the show’s antagonists, hyenas and a cobra, bring Scar to their aid by summoning his spirit to a volcano full of lava and fire, using a stick that they stole from Rafiki’s apprentice, and getting Kion to unwittingly roar in anger.

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"You're a lion now, you're a pony now!" · 4:55pm Aug 13th, 2015

Can I say how much I'm excited for that? I'm dying to see it. Btw, he got his Cutie Mark and the CMC's didn't... Oh well.

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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