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Paul's Thursday Reviews CVI · 10:03pm Feb 22nd, 2018

No review blog next week, folks. I’m on break.

Finally getting around to watching Season 7, and I noticed something that mildly annoys me. Has anyone else noticed that the CMC appear to be getting a little bigger? I first noticed this with Sweetie Belle, who is now tall enough to almost match Rarity in height. I thought she was smaller than that in Season 1.

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Read It Now Reviews #66 – Six to Eight Weeks Dungeon, Spark Visions of Twilight, Starlight Glimmer Overreacts to Everything, A Different Kind of Mentor, The Jet Powered Pegasus · 11:30pm Dec 13th, 2015

The season 5 finale train never ends, with three more stories tied closely to The Cutie Re-mark, along with a story that was recently featured and an excellent story which won second place in the November write-off that all of you should read.

Which is which? You’ll have to read the reviews to know.

Today’s stories:

Six to Eight Weeks Dungeon by ocalhoun
Spark Visions of Twilight by Tangerine Blast

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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