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Teams These Days LOL. · 7:42am Jan 4th, 2017

LOL. This is how I honestly feel about Pokemon these days. Team Rocket was the best! Then there was Magma who had my first pokemon Waifu. They were cool, team Aqua can go suck it. Plasma? Who cares? Flare? No fashion sense. I barely remember Galactic, and then there was Team Skull.... :ajbemused:

Good Lord in heaven has life come to this? Oh, wait I thought I was posting about real life....... no wait it is Pokemon and real life! :rainbowlaugh:

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Finally embracing the Halloween Spirit! · 3:49am Oct 26th, 2016


I'm dressing up this Halloween, but I'm not going as your average vampire or clown. Instead, I've opted to going out as a member of Team Rocket, or a Team Rocket Grunt, if you will. I've had weeks to gather the most CRUCIAL bits of detail for my costume... and by that I mean I spent ten minutes at a Value Village and bought a poor-boy's hat. I think the end result will be awesome!

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My Pokemon OC · 6:29pm Jun 18th, 2018

Its been 8 years since i last drew my Pikachu OC. With the news of all the new Pokemon stuff and everything i felt like it was time i gave him some love again.

Wow its been a LONG time since i last actually drew ANYTHING.

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There Is Only One Team For Me · 1:14am Jul 12th, 2016

So I'm guessing people have Pokemon Go these days, huh? I don't, I stopped showing interest in Pokemon years ago. However, all I've been hearing these past few days Team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct? Whatever. I may not be a Pokemon fan anymore, but there is only one team that will always be in my heart. The Team that started it all.

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Chapter 6 is up! · 6:10pm Nov 30th, 2016

Yeah, I finished Chapter 6 of Pokemon Odyssey.

It should be up now.

The next chapter will have Chris, Hau, Blue, and Kukui arriving in Kalos, just in time to save Ash and some of the others from a Team Rocket Ambush. And yes, they'll be a very funny conversation as Team Rocket is sent blasting off.

(Here's a line...or two from the conversation.)

"Can't we get another one that has benefits for new Pokemon?"

"I'll have to check the Insurance plan."


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Gaming Entertainment: Pokemon Indigo League Season One Review · 3:32am Nov 25th, 2019

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