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Recommended Story Reviews #11 – Tea Time, A Draconequus’ Guide to Immortality, The Cost of Life, Shipping Goggles, Correspondence · 10:14pm Jul 19th, 2016

Weeks ago, I started on this set with the intention of including a review of Eternal. Alas, I ended up reviewing five stories before I got around to reading it, and consequently it (along with Skywriter’s Heretical Fictions) got pushed off to another review post.


Because sometimes, when I’m stuck on a story, I go back and read through stories by others in the hopes of capturing some of their magic.

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Read It Now Reviews #39 – Y’allin’, Tea Time with Tomahawk Missiles, The Seal of Wax and Glass, Paying with a Smile, NightmareJack · 8:07pm Jul 11th, 2015

I published a new story yesterday:

Forever and Again and Again
by the Titanium Dragon

Slice of Life, Romance
4,376 words

When Twilight visits Celestia's private hall of stained-glass windows, each bearing the image of a long-gone friend, one in particular catches her eye.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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