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On Giving Criticism: "Possibility" and "Suspension of Disbelief" · 6:33pm Feb 16th, 2019

So recently, I took part in a... unnamed scifi Youtube channel's Discord Server contest and learned some key things about how to give a criticism on a author/artist/media creator's ideas. I'm happy to name them if you ask me in private, but the reason for not naming them in public on this post will become abundantly clear when I get into this.

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Being a Better Writer: Balancing Readers' Suspension of Disbelief · 1:02am Dec 13th, 2016

"Go! Go! Go!" Natalie didn't need to be told twice. With the clock ticking, the building was only minutes from coming apart in a blast that would level half the block. If she could get away before then, she had a chance, but if not ...

"Go!" the voice in her ear shouted once more.

"I'm going!" she snapped, crouching by the body of the colonel and retrieving his sidearm. Some of his thugs could still be standing between her and the exit.

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On the Fourth Wall · 1:09pm Sep 1st, 2017

When a character attempts to break the fourth wall, it may disturb a suspension of disbelief. A reader may not want to participate in the story as a character. Or the world in the reader’s mind is too different from the world in the writer's mind.

It may be especially disturbing if the author switches to the second person narration.


Of course, sometimes and for some genres it may work.


Making the Best of Bad, Emersion Breaking Story Telling Part 2. Dealer’s choice Patreon reward for TheGreatEater, whether he wants it or not! · 5:07am May 23rd, 2018

We’re finally continuing part 2 of my Breaking Bad post for all 30 of you who care! Again, part of my Patreon reward system I’m trying to catch up on!

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