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Do you want to wait a little longer? · 1:07am Jul 18th, 2019

Hello, greetings to all of you.

This message is for those who follow my story, "Sunset Among Shadows"
You already know that I do not speak English, and that each chapter of the story, I translate it in the best way I can, that unfortunately, I have some horrible grammar mistakes.
That is why a user, icecreammac, lends me his help, correcting and editing all the chapters of the story before uploading them. It is thanks to him that the story looks and reads good.

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SAS Romance Shipping and stuff · 3:24pm June 10th

Sunset Among Shadows readers!

How are you? Nice to see you (read you)

Well, I wanted to ask a question, I know the story ended a time ago, but whatever.

The truth is that I have never experienced writing the romantic genre before, and the story is not focused on this either, but tell me, how did you find Sunset's uncomfortable situations in this regard?
What can I improve? :rainbowderp:

Who in this story do you think makes a better ship with our fiery hair girl? :duck:

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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