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... · 2:54pm Dec 12th, 2015

I feel like I'm better at thinking of story ideas that instantly attract attention than actually writing em out. Can We Shoot Them? Is a good example. I put no effort into it, but apparently its descriptions and title managed to get it like 500 views in its first week.

And I have this story I was working on, and I feel like the best part is the cover image and dumb descriptions.


We the Ponies: A Who's who guide to the Shark's OCs · 1:53am Apr 29th, 2015

Having read my share of Fanfics featuring OCs that had me constantly going “Wait, who was that again?” I figured I should probably make a quick little guide to some OCs that might pop up in my stories.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results