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Story Content change · 4:58pm March 21st

Due to personal reasons, I'm gonna make some edits to my story, "My New Equestrian Life", so that's either 'E for Everyone' or 'T for Teen'

Just wanted to let you know. If you want further details, just ask in the comments section

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ER250 Retooling · 1:08am Feb 7th, 2016

You've read that right, Empress Rarity's 250th Birthday is undergoing some adjustments. Nothing plot wise is changing, grammar updates as I run into them, but I have learned of a word that better clarifies Lady Merry Sapphire's job.

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Editors for Syntax and Grammar · 11:46am Jan 29th, 2016

It's occurred to me that reading over 10,000+ word chapters constantly, by yourself, to check for grammatical and syntax-related errors is quite a troublesome task. So, if by some miraculous reason somebody would actually like to help me edit my chapters before upload, then I would be very grateful.

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Guess Who's In Need Of A Capable Editor? · 12:12am Mar 13th, 2016

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am now in need of another editor that has proficiency in pointing out and correcting grammatical/syntax-related errors. If you want, you can also be of service to me in giving me tips on plot-development of soon-to-be-uploaded chapters and stories, and little things like that, etc.
If you're interested, contact me via PMing me on here. We can discuss in further detail there.

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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