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What would you do if the world around you simply... vanished? · 6:00am Jul 1st, 2019

TWorlds Reset
The world she once knew is gone, replaced by an infinite canvas.
TheMajorTechie · 11k words  ·  28  1 · 347 views

Amber once dreamed of a world she could shape as her own.

Now, that dream is her nightmare and the world's reality.

A spiritual successor to Pony-Me™.


Ballad of the Dawn News · 7:03pm May 2nd, 2018

Hey guys! It's been a while. Had to deal with getting settled into a new apartment, getting a job and just trying to keep myself together for the most part. Just a couple things before the next chapter comes out.

- The new chapter is content complete. Just need to brush over it to see if it's ready to be released.

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Story Notes: Peterbilt Glider · 6:26pm Jul 31st, 2019

It wouldn't be Bronycon without at least one Biscuit fic!


If you read the story before you got here, you won't be surprised to find out that this one's inspired by my drive from Michigan to Baltimore.

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Warhammer Battlefront. · 12:31am Dec 12th, 2019

I got the original Battlefront 2 on my PS2 a week ago and have been having SO much fun with it. It's interesting how it was more focused on the Empire, I.E., how the Clones became Storm Troopers, over EA's 2nd Battlefront game. But I've had a lot of fun with this sequel, seeing it as an improvement over the 1st in many ways, though, I won't lie, it doesn't exactly hold up well, and that's not just for the graphics. Still, I've been having fun, and I've been brainstorming an idea for a

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