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I regret nothing. · 1:31am Oct 10th, 2015

So, Ghost and I were chatting and I mentioned how Sethisto dislikes stallion faces because he feels their noses look like trashcans. This is the result.

The door slammed open, crashing into a pile of cushions placed there for that purpose. People only ever entered Dotted's office in two ways. The cushions were there for the first, and for the second, there was a rather cunning array of traps and deadfalls.


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Read It Now Reviews #5 – Misunderstanding, Wassail, Wassail!, Dr. Spinning Top – Specimen Annotated Daily Schedule, Everchanging, Rainbow Dash Digs Herself Into a Hole · 5:49am Jan 7th, 2015

I’m just about done reading the stories for the last Writeoff competition, but in the meanwhile, I thought I’d throw another batch of new stories at you folks, especially in the light of commenting to someone else about how this helps improve feature box quality. You know how much power we reviewers wield!

Not very much.

Still, some of these were indeed worth reading.

The stories I read today:

Misunderstanding by Sapidus3
Wassail, Wassail! by Skywriter

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results