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For those who would like to know. · 4:55am May 24th, 2016

Okay, so recently I've hit a big bump in the crazy road we call life and I got a little lost but I think I'm back on track. In the near future I will be writing again. I have already started working on one fic that hasn't even seen the light of day in months. Another note, I will be continuing my Sparkle of Hope series. I just have got to figure out what I want to happen and how to get the story line back on track while also including/dealing with issues I want to talk about with; Spike,

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"A Sparkle of Hope" Signal Boost · 12:17pm Dec 22nd, 2015

Dear Loyal Watchers, Interested Visitors, and Confused Passersby,

Every once in a great while, I'm reminded that the Featured Box can show off stories that are moving and captivating, not just topical and popular.

Every once in a great while I come across a story that makes me blink and wonder "Did I write this? Is this author me in some alternate reality? Why did I not write this in my own reality?"

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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