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URBC Chapter 17 Reference List · 12:53am Feb 10th, 2018

Someone asked, and it's been long enough, so here it is. Every reference I was crazy enough to slip into chapter 17 of Undead Robot Bug Crusaders, not counting the ones reused from chapter 16.

I'm also pointing out the stuff that weren't really references but are worth pointing out, as well as some commentary to go with it all so that this blog post is actually interesting to read.

And for the record, yes, some of these were intentionally far too vague to be figured out.

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I have Ascended · 6:55am Jan 7th, 2017

These past few months were problematic due to my training, but from the ashes of my Memetrainee life, I have at long last become a Memelord. Am I as powerful as my friend AR? No. But can I become more powerful than AR? With hard work and extreme dankness, the answer is yes.

Wish me luck on my road to memedom!

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results