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Being a Better Writer: Sidekicks · 10:56pm Sep 19th, 2016

The original concept for this post, or rather I should say request as that's what it was, was for information regarding a comedic sidekick. But I've decided to expand on that a little for two reasons. First, dying is easy, but comedy is hard. Really hard. I envy those who can write comedy, like Adams, Prachett, Taylor, or Korman. It's a serious talent. The art of regularly keeping a comedic tone, building things up for comedic beats not just every once and a while, but with

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Peewee's Farewell · 11:53pm Jan 26th, 2013

Hi-ho, all.

While I posted my thoughts about this elsewhere, I figured I'd give a more complete rendering here. Just because.

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Friendship is Card Games: Just for Sidekicks · 2:19pm Dec 27th, 2015

If you were expecting “Keep Calm and Flutter On,” you’ll find it here. Instead, we’re once again focusing on Spike. And once again, overcompensation is the name of the game, because in the space of two episodes, he’s apparently gone from utterly servile to as self-serving as draconically possible.

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Super "Villain" Sidekick Audition · 10:00pm Apr 25th, 2020

So I have a story idea, involving Ahuizotl and Mable (Mane-iac's true identity) who are trying to steal some magical relics from some of the other villains in Maretropolis. As you can guess by this title, I am looking for an OC that can fit this role.

While only one of these characters will be chosen, there will be an "audition" chapter, so I will probably feature 3-4 others. Of course, you will be credited for your characters.

-The character must be either a pony or a griffin.

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Corn & Peg: Thunderhoof Update · 7:40pm Aug 4th, 2020

Yes, I'm still keeping up with the show, sort of. I still don't think it's a good show, but it has grown enough on me that I kind of like it.

However, this is not about the show in general. This is about a specific episode, and what I gathered about their world from it.

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Mini Re-Reviews: "Just For Sidekicks" - Season 3 Episode 11 · 10:39pm May 12th, 2020

SPIKE: "That Angel Bunny. Up to no good as usual! And here I thought Discord caused chaos."
DISCORD: "You rang? Oh, all these pets sow plenty of chaos, you know. Why, I should stick around to see it -"
SPIKE: No, Discord. We're not doing that."

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