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New Oneshot Story · 6:29pm Feb 29th, 2020

Hey everybody, check out my latest story A Tree's Age! It's for the Season 10 Bingo Contest.

This is actually a story I wanted to make before I entered the contest, so the writing prompt I was given actually made it all the more easy to make.


New story up! · 12:52am Feb 28th, 2020

My entry for the Season 10 Bingo Contest!

Daring Double

Read and enjoy!


Hey If You Like Reading My Dumb Stories, I Finished Another Dumb Story and You Should Read It. · 3:40am Mar 8th, 2020

TLast Minute Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest Entry EDIT: This is Very Clearly Being Published a Week After the Contest Deadline. As Often is the Case, I Failed to Finish This in a Timely Manner.
Haha, classic ST, walking a mile down the hill to eat a giant Chipotle burrito, going to Albertson's for alcohol, walking a mile back up the hill, and dashing off this story about Big Mac, Owlowiscious, Sci Twi, Kludgetown, and Maretonia in an hour!
Super Trampoline · 2.2k words  ·  14  11 · 250 views

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October Pains, October Plans · 6:33pm Oct 11th, 2021

So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last time I posted a blog here, things weren’t so hot in my life. And frankly, they’re not getting much better. My mother’s cancer has likely spread to other parts of her abdomen, my father got conned out of $5,000, I’m stuck at a fast food job I hate, the jobs I want that can actually pay a livable wage are not showing up, the one decent job I have a good chance at probably isn't going to tell me if I’m accepted until mid-November if I'm even accepted at

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results