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I will come back on weekends · 1:12pm Sep 6th, 2015

i have a schedule that I have have to follow basically I get three days of fimfiction and then school so if you see a lack of updates that's why

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Apology · 10:25am Mar 24th, 2017

Hey everyone, it's R. Hood.

For those of you who have been following me and my recent story Flicker, I would just like to say thanks, as well as to any of those who commented!

Anyway, I'm writing this blog to apologize for the lack of updates. School's a bitch and I've been sick this past week, but I plan to post Chapter 1 very soon, so keep an eye out.

Anyway, that's all I got. Sorry for the wait, folks. Your SunLight appetite shall be sated soon enough.

R. Hood, out.


School has come to bite me on the ass · 12:39pm Jun 9th, 2017

Yep,it's the start of the school year!!! Yey!!:ajbemused::ajbemused:😒🙀 less time witing yada yada yada:facehoof::facehoof:


Guess who's back! · 5:38am Sep 6th, 2017

Wow, I've been wildly inactive! My last blog post was on my favorite celebrity's birthday for Celestia's sake. I apologize for being away so long, snowflakes. I've just had a lot on my mind.

So, first things first, I'm going to do my review of Goodbye and Hello by JetStorm. I've neglected that and it's not fair to anyone that I've done so. So, it's going to be the first thing I do once classes are finished tomorrow.

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A Long Awaited Update · 8:34am Feb 1st, 2016

Hello guys, it's certainly been a while since you've seen anything from me and for that I sincerely apologize.

I've been busy with college, translating, and other things. Admittedly, I've been playing a lot of a certain game in the last week or two when I just want to relax and I blame GTX. xD But in all seriousness, I can't blame him. I should be replacing that gaming time with "serious art time" or "serious writing time."

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