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another SMG4 parody wondercolts vs shadowbolts the soccer game cast · 11:49pm Oct 2nd, 2015

Here's a upcoming SMG4 parody fic and cast is called the soccer game wondercolts vs shadowbolts

Mario: rainbow dash and sunset

Luigi:fluttershy and rarity

SMG4: applejack

Wario: pinkie pie

Toadsworth: (currently looking for someone at CHS to take his role)

Goomba: sweetie belle

Bomb omb: Apple bloom and scootaloo

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new idea's of smg4 parody's · 8:49pm Sep 20th, 2015

Just got some fresh new idea's for future crossover's of smg4 parody's so here's wait I got

The adventure's of Nathan and mavis

The titans adventure

the tropical vacation

The titans and the evilness of James mason

The titans and the item block

Fancy pants and shining armor's guide to being alicorn princesses

Changeling showdown

Two evil best friend's

A Equestria girls fairy tale

MLP in Mariofan7013 house (based on SMG4 in real life)

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