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IT EXISTS!!! · 8:33am Sep 20th, 2019

A Butterfly and her Dragon Fluttershy finds Spike egg as a baby! Yes! I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! Only more left and the list is complete! Give the story the support it needs, naw the support it deserves! And Writer-0 follow Writer-0 to

Report Silver Butcher · 79 views · #READIT!!

I Got a Little Inventive · 11:22pm Aug 15th, 2018

[Adult story embed hidden]

Because seriously, why hasn't an R63 Blueblood porno been made yet? Thought I might as well be the pioneer, go read it! I'm working on another commission at the moment, so expect that shortly, and I've got a slew of other ideas brewing in my depraved mind, so keep your eyes peeled! But for now, enjoy the blonde haired, blue eyed bitch!

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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