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About the latest chapter · 2:12am May 7th, 2018

So recently I Took down Chapter 2 of Fate/Go Day: Infinite Guns because I felt it was too short so I updated and expanded it. It is now back up. I'm currently working on the third chapter so expect that sometime in the future.

Feel free to ask questions.


I made a re-upload of an old Anonpencil story · 4:38pm April 6th

When my channel first began in 2017, the majority of my uploads were crap in quality and my voice had a watery quality to it because I wasn't even using a proper microphone; it was a built-in mic in a pair of earphones I got from my brother.

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Update for Dark Sunset - Version 2.0 is now uploaded (Link Included) · 4:14pm Jan 7th, 2020

Hello again, dear Brethren.

Today I come to you with some news about a reading I did previously from an author named Pabrony, the story in question titled as Dark Sunset. A while ago, I was talking with Pabrony on YouTube, discussing the matter of Dark Sunset's rewrite in which it has been remastered and improved from the first version. I ended up promising that I'd look into recording it one day if I ever got the chance, so long as I gave him a heads up.

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Check out these Youtube channels that specialises in deleted Brony made Pony content · 2:24am Feb 9th, 2020

Check out these Youtube channels that specialises in deleted Brony made Pony content. These channels re upload videos that have been deleted for various reasons whether it is the COPPA Scandal or Copyright strikes. If you want to watch videos from deleted channels like Duo Cartoonist, then check these channels out.

Deleted Pony Videos
Deleted Pony Songs

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results