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3DMark 2001 SE benchmarks! (NOW WITH CHARTS AND RESULTS!) (PICTURES, TOO!) · 7:32pm Nov 3rd, 2018

The computer running the benchmarks is the open system underneath the mouse. The towers under the screen and keyboard are just serving as a makeshift desk because I didn't want to move everything over to my shed when I had moved everything into my much warmer bedroom instead.

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Roman's Promo · 12:23am Apr 4th, 2017

I don't normally talk about Raw because it's generally not worth the effort. But tonight is an exception, because I wanna talk about Roman's promo.

Holy shit, they didn't let this man talk at all. Literally every time he raised the mic, he was booed to oblivion. He left with his one liner, but it's obvious he had a whole promo prepared. It's petty of me to find that amusing, especially because I feel like it's not his fault.

I don't care. It's fucking hilarious.

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It's 4:14AM why am I life? · 8:14am Apr 30th, 2018

I can't stop laughing at this. It's making my throat hurt. I need sleep.

Chapter 3 of Horsedong Shimmer just breached 5.2K wordos. It's almost ready. Image unrelated.

Stay in bed.

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