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Purple Tears V.2 Finally has a cover! · 12:26am Jan 18th, 2019

I finally got around to finishing a cover for the story!
Uhhhh also, if I seem really stupid when replying to a comment, like something I say goes over my head don't worry I just,,, always reply to comments, even if it's like 2AM and I'm about to pass out so I might not even register what you say very well pff

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Can confirm Purple Tears V.2 release 'date' · 12:42am Oct 2nd, 2018

I can confirm that, since I'm on chapter 6 now, I'll definitely be able to start releasing chapters once per week sometime during December, most likely starting on Christmas Break! This year, guys, it's gonna land this year! It's been what, two or three years since the original posted? I think you'll be very happy if you liked the old one to see the improvement with the new one! Although the old one was a lot shorter and now I've found that chapter 3 has translated into chapter 6 by this point

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Purple tears 2 is out!!! YAY!!!! · 10:40pm Aug 11th, 2015

Um, I posted Purple tears 2. That is all.


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Strongly considering rewriting Purple tears · 5:13am Jun 12th, 2017


I'm not gonna bother any of you with a really long sorry letter as I've done a copious amount of them regarding my progress on Purple Tears 2, instead... I'm bringing you a little light of hope!
For... Those of you still interested in this story.

I reread a few chapters and...

There is no way I'm continuing that cringe-driven fanfic :pinkiesick:

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semi update but mostly just pointless blog · 12:48am Oct 4th, 2017

Okay, I felt like making a blog?? I haven't worked too much on either story (Purple tears 2/Star's shadow) because school, well, it's going to kick my butt again this year. I thought high school MIGHT be easier- and I was right! Getting past Algebra was a godsend, but somehow I failed a Geometry test (brought me down to a B) and I'm really triggered rn.

bUT I'm going to do better this year!

Also, regarding Purple tears 2 (not going to use the real name until it's published hue hue hue)

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