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Anarchy Digi Log · 6:39pm Oct 6th, 2015

Hello subscribers. Anarchy here!

So, I've been having a couple of new ideas lately! Since it's the Hallow's Month, I thought I'd start of a bit... darker. Aside from InFamous and Rebooted MOE, I'm doing my first dark/sad/adventure fic. There will be some comic scenes, but no comedy tag. This stuff is supposed to make your heart twist as you read... If I do it right.:twilightsheepish: If you know and love Code Lyoko, you'll enjoy this.

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Looking for Proofreader(s)! · 3:02am Jul 26th, 2015

Since Wandering Through Realities is nearing the 10K word milestone in the coming days, I think it would be good to seek out proofreader(s) to detect the mistakes or inconsistencies that I missed.

If you are a proofreader (or can link me to one), please drop me a line!

Whoever proofreads, as per tradition, will be featured in the story description and on my profile.

Name and address withheld,


Editor Needed · 3:25pm Jul 15th, 2015

I need an editor for two stories. I am not the worst writer of all time but by no means am I the best either. I have had it suggested to me to request an editor or at least a proofreader. I am of the opinion that writing is an art that requires one to take the suggestions of others. It is now time for me to follow my own teachings.

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Looking for Help · 11:33pm Nov 29th, 2020

So I have to be honest. I tried to force my life into a direction I was not meant to pursue. It improved some part of who I am and refined my exquisite assholery.

I sat on some ideas for a while and seeing as my current education run includes literature, and think of trying writing it down once again and I'd use an editor or proofreader. Someone to talk to once a week. I wanted to ask if someone would be willing. My time zone is europe and kindda putting some of that perspective in.

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I need some help with a story · 2:44am Aug 31st, 2016

As the title says I need some help with a story I want to write. The story is about Spike becoming the hulk, I actually also have several other stories that will be set in their universe planned out as well. I have most of the story planned out but the problem is when I try to write it down as a story is seems to rigid it feels like I'm just writing so and so did this and so and so did that and it doesn't flow like a good story should. So I'm looking for someone who is interested in helping

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