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Traveling 1000 miles for a pool party! · 11:36pm Jul 6th, 2017

LAX to San Fran to Portland where I'm crashing with Blanket (brony musician); then Friday we drive up to Pullayup, Washington and then Saturday there's a huge pool party at a rich Brony's mansion (SR Foxley's) that a lot of the Everfree Northwest staff attend. This isn't something I'd normally fly out to, but I figured for $135 round trip Airfare it was something I wanted to experience at least once since everyone kept talking about how awesome it is.


Another Memorial Day Approaching · 10:36pm May 24th, 2018

Hello, there everyone; it's me, Fireflower with even another new announcement: for those who had been staying with me, I had been inadvertently taking a hiatus from college to recuperate; so far, I've managed to finish Harmonious Repetitions Twofold this year, something that I should have done a long time ago, let alone started. Now having said that, I have been able to pace myself and get focused in on some new stories that will be published within the next month; anyways, this post should

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results